A Battered World


Earthdawn is an alternate story of earth, one in which magic can give rise to glory or corruption. While ‘good’ is a nebulous concept, ‘evil’ has a name and a bestial face – that of the Horrors. The Horrors are entities from the depths of the netherworlds that feed on the suffering of living things. They are fantastically powerful and endlessly numerous, and all efforts to defeat them are doomed to fail. Fortunately, they can only come to earth when the magic level is high, and it oscillates over the centuries in a predictable manner. During the last magic level spike, dubbed the Scourge, people hid in magic bolt-holes called kaers that hid entire civilizations. Now the level of magical energy has receded, and most of the Horrors have retreated. Enough remain that constant vigilance is necessary, but leaving the kaers is not suicidally foolish. Now the surviving city-states jockey for power. Adepts – magical heroes – strive to redeem the land and earn glory and eternal legend for themselves.

Earthdawn 4th Ed: Snakes in the Ashes